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        lead photographer – jack

        Oh, so it seems as though I’ve come to the place where I have to talk about me for a few minutes! Oh dear, oh me, oh my…

        The dramatics! That’s what I can start with… I’m dramatic – you’ve got a Leo on your hands here – and so I don’t shy away from emotions and feelings and all the big ups and downs that come as a result of living this way. I embrace the freedom that comes with it all, and it bleeds into every creative endeavor I undertake, photography especially.

        I have one beautiful daughter and a handsome man as my partner in crime. We live in the suburbs nearby to Philadelphia, where I was born, raised and lived nearly thirty years of my life. I’m a short, nerdy firecracker and like my pop-in over on the homepage, I lead with my passions in all facets of life. They drive me, feed me and inspire me to push myself, push boundaries and get to the heart of this fantastic, wonderful, human experience we’re all partaking in.

        I’d absolutely love to sit down and chat more about you versus droning on about how much I love Netflix, chocolate and podcasts, so don’t be afraid to say hey and strike that chat-match!


        associate photographer – barb

        About me, well that’s a hard thing to write about, innit? I’d much rather sit down and chat over a cup of coffee, cause that’s where you really get to know people. And I love getting to know people! I’d sit and tell you that I love to love, and that I have deep affection for the simple things in life. The everyday things that bring joy in different, special ways. 

        I would mention (because we’re still sharing a cuppa) that my passion for outdoor adventure and the challenges of life have made for one wild ride! Brought from my home in Ottawa, Ontario, to western Canada, and now the Santa Cruz Mountains, I’ve been there and back again! California has me, for now, with my 3 beautiful girls and fun loving husband.

        Alongside that passion for outdoor endeavors, I also enjoy curling up and watching a good movie, binging an epic tv series, or getting my geek on about all things Star Wars, Marvel – you name it!  

        Really, I just genuinely enjoy getting to know people, and going beyond the surface to explore what makes us all so unique. I think that’s why I love taking photos of folks, to catch those moments that begin to tell the story of You!

        have some q's? I have some a's:

        How long have you been a photographer?

        How would you describe your style of photography/work?

        What sort of photo shoots or events do you cover?

        How do I book you for my photo session/event?

        Do you travel? Are you a destination photographer?

        Do I get to keep ALL of the photos you take?

        How do my images get delivered to me?


        I've had an interest in photography for as long as I can remember (don't we all say this?), but I "officially" started my journey as a professional photographer in 2010. Over 14 years going slow and steady now but still eager to take my art to the next level and learn learn learn.