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        Pssst… I’m gonna share a super secrety-secret with you: Not all photographers are cut from the same cloth. I know I KNOW – wild, right?! But really, some of us aren’t all photography all the time; we create plenty alongside our small photography businesses that fill us up and spark just as much joy that we…HAVE to share.
        And that’s what this is about. The creative ventures that live outside of Wild Light but emanate and illuminate with the exact same energy.
        I hope you enjoy. x

        The Wild Collective

        The Wild Collective was born from a need to express all facets of life that I found, shockingly, photography just wasn’t able to do sometimes. I’m a photographer through and through, yes, but first and foremost, I’m a writer. I’ve been writing since I was ten years old and it’s more ingrained into who I am than any other passion I’ve ever pursued. And yes, I do write often (& well!), but no, I don’t write for money. Yet. *wink*

        Back in 2016, TWC began as a way to take snapshots of my life as it happened in real time. It was a safe, open space where I felt comfortable being candid, visible and naked with the big, big emotions I live with. Over time the content dwindled because of one reason or another – sometimes even life itself gets too heavy to write about – but the drive to maintain it never waned.

        And while I have merged The Wild Collective blog/website into and under Wild Light’s expanding umbrella, the movement at its core remains the same.

        Real life can be really difficult, but also absolutely wonderful, and we all need a space to share that. This was, and will continue to be, mine.

        The Iron Sea Podcast

        The Iron Sea Podcast started in early 2019. It's a safe, conversational space where I invite guests to join me and share their authentic selves in very relatable, real world topics. We tackle one theme at a time and dig deep; there are tears, laughs, debates and moving, heartfelt moments that are not scripted nor planned. It is true to its mission and I cannot wait to take more and more folks on this journey as the podcast grows and expands its reach.