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        "what we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame but something wild to run with."
        – Robert Brault

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        39.9526°N, 75.1652°W

        Hands down the most amazing photographer! You can definitely tell she loves what she does and she's amazing at it! She was easy to contact, answered all of my questions and made me feel great knowing she was so excited to shoot my wedding! I would highly recommend her to anyone!

        39.9526°N, 75.1652°W

        I hired Jackie for both our engagement photos and wedding. Even though she is great at posing and her pictures and editing is gorgeous- I truly enjoy how at ease she puts at the shoot. For me, at my before and during wedding, I found myself speaking to her about nerves or laughing or whatever just as I did with my guests. Being able to be calm and look natural (which isn't the easiest for me) was something she can bring out and captures beautifully. My wedding rained sheets of water, but I was still able to have beautiful moments to look at for years to come.

        39.9526°N, 75.1652°W

        We absolutely love our incredible photos! Jackie did such a nice job of capturing the romantic, soft moments,  and then the fun laughter and lightheartedness in the next moment!

        39.9526°N, 75.1652°W

        Jackie is a talented photographer with an almost innate sense for perfect lighting. She has made our photo shoot experiences with small children relatively painless and (dare I say it?) fun. Her previous experience with children enables her to patiently wait until they forget the camera is even there so that you're able to get that "real" smile and those genuine expressions that you're trying so desperately to capture for posterity. I highly recommend her, for both her body of work and her professionalism. Thank you, Jackie.