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          to be known

          on imbalance

          on the resilience of all things

          on effort

          can't buy me love



          I am not shrinking any longer
          or apologizing
          for my voice.
          I won't bend my truth
          to make you comfortable.
          If I am too much for you,
          you are not enough
          for me.
          – Nadia Meli

          what is the wild collective?

          The Wild Collective has lived as the main source of my raw, emotional blogging for the better part of the last three years. It was born out of an idea to share authentically and to renew my creativity; I wrote for the pleasure of it, photographed differently than I ever had and enjoyed the connective tissue that it ultimately brought to my life.

          Up until now, TWC has always existed as a small platform – one I’ve never shared “in real life” – but having launched Wild Light and arriving to a place where I finally know what it is I want to put out into the world, it was just time. Time to merge the website and create a multi-tiered hub for all the facets of my life. All the little lights that I hold space for within me shouldn’t be cut up and segregated into one site or the next, it should be combined, strengthened and reenforced. It should be One.

          And now it is. Wild Light is now the new home of The Wild Collective blog – where I will share the nitty gritty, the personal, the soul of who I am. I hope you join me in embracing the idea that a business can be more. That it can have heart and move and inspire. I just hope you join me. x

          it's a wild wild journey

          Once every so often, we find the thing that sets our souls on fire.  Maybe it’s a new love, or a new hobby that turns into your full-time passion/way of living. Maybe it’s finding home in other people, or writing and writing writing under your heart is found by all the world. Maybe it’s none of that but something else entirely. All I know is that I’m here to seek that and to share it all with you. x