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        January 20, 2020

        2020 photography promotion – Love This Happy

        Hello there, lovely tribe! I've decided it was time to hit the ground running in twenty-twenty and avoid the wintry season slump like the plague it is! Dramatic, I know, but I always like to keep it ...
        January 9, 2020

        2019: a look back & a wrap up

        This is a scattered collective of the year at a glance. I wanted to pause after 2019 came to an end before taking a long look back at how a year in and of itself can be blamed for a great man...
        June 7, 2019

        a ballerina on the beach

        Over the 4th of July (reread that in your best Jaws voice) we, Bella, Andrew & I, were invited to stay the weekend at my Aunt & Uncle's beautiful Stone Harbor shore house.