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        Okay, I’m double-dipping on this one, but since I’ve finally nailed my editing style AND workflow, I had to brush up this engagement session with Dane & Shawn. These two, oh how I adore them. I wrote all about that and more here, but to make a lovely story short: these two are “that special something, that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, that indescribable scent of roses and rain” – to sum it up, they’re what everyone is born to this earth to discover: soulmates. 

        the parks, cape may, nj

        And to be close to that and capture it? Well, it’s not something I’ll ever take for granted, neither the memory or the opportunity. She’s my cousin and best friend, and he officially became family back in July of 2015. But Shawn was a part of the clan way before that breezy Cape May day. See, sometimes people and loved ones just click – everything falls into place naturally and it feels as though if you have known one another for a thousand lifetimes and only just got around to discovering them again in this one. I think that’s the case with these two, but also for me; being in their orbit is a lot like going home. And every time I think back on this day, my heart soars because of it.

        I mean, how could it not? 

        Just look…

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